About Me

I am Jenny, a Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy at Lingnan. I started my stjenny-1udies here from September 2014, receiving the Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship Award from the Research Grants Council.

My supervisors are Professor Andrea Sauchelli and Professor Darrell Rowbottom. My main focus is on personal identity, the self, and consciousness. I am generally interested in metaphysics and philosophy of mind. 

This academic year, I am visiting The University of Texas at Austin, working with Professor Galen Strawson on the self. I defend the haecceity of thin subjects of experience.

Before coming to Lingnan, I obtained a Ph.D. at HKUST doing physics research. I did simulations and experiments to design chiral meta-materials for optical computers. I have always been fascinated by relativity and quantum mechanics during my time at HKUST, whereas I was also interested in ideas of “no-self,” the logic and language system in Nāgārjuna’s Madhyamika Buddhism,  the Yogācāra Theory of mind, and the ontology of T’ien-T’ai Buddhism.

I decided to switch to analytic philosophy after reading David Chalmers’ ingenious “The Conscious Mind.” The process of learning metaphysics continuously gives me more surprise, and it has been a fantastic experience studying philosophy at Lingnan!