About Me

I am Jenny, a PhD candidate in Philosophy at Lingnan. I started my philosophical studies in September 2014, receiving the Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship Award from the Research Grants Council.jenny-1

My supervisors are Andrea Sauchelli and Darrell Rowbottom. My main focus is on personal identity, the self, and consciousness. I am generally interested in metaphysics and philosophy of mind. 

This academic year, I am visiting The University of Texas at Austin, working with Galen Strawson. I defend the haecceity of thin subjects of experience.

Prior to my studies in philosophy, I obtained a Ph.D. at HKUST doing physics research. I did simulations and experiments to design chiral meta-materials for optical computers. I was also interested in the ideas of “no-self” in Buddhism, the logic and language system in Nāgārjuna’s Madhyamika system,  the Yogācāra Theory of mind, and the ontology of T’ien-T’ai Buddhism.